Neurochirurgische Universitätsklinik Zurich

  title={Neurochirurgische Universit{\"a}tsklinik Zurich},
  author={Yasuhiro Yonekawa},
  journal={Acta Neurochirurgica},
The Neurochirurgische UniversitaÈtsklinik Zurich was founded more than 60 years ago, in 1937 by Professor H. KrayenbuÈhl. The most recent historical highlight is that his successor Professor Yasargil who is working in the Medical Center of the University of Arkansas in the USA, after his emeritation in Zurich, has been designated in the Journal ``Neurosurgery'' November 1999 as Neurosurgery's man of the century together with Professor Cushing, world founder of neurosurgery, for his immense… CONTINUE READING