Neurochemical profiles of some novel psychoactive substances.

  title={Neurochemical profiles of some novel psychoactive substances.},
  author={L. Iversen and S. Gibbons and R. Treble and Vincent Setola and X. Huang and B. Roth},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={700 1-3},
  • L. Iversen, S. Gibbons, +3 authors B. Roth
  • Published 2013
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • European journal of pharmacology
  • Fourteen substances from the class of drugs sometimes known as "legal highs" were screened against a battery of human receptors in binding assays, and their potencies as inhibitors of monoamine uptake determined in functional in vitro assays. Thirteen of the test substances acted as inhibitors of monoamine uptake at submicromolar concentrations, including 9 potent inhibitors of the dopamine transporter (DAT), 12 potent inhibitors of the norepinephrine transporter (NET) and 4 potent inhibitors… CONTINUE READING
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