Neurochemical enzyme changes in Alzheimer's and Pick's disease.


Neurochemical investigations of the whole temporal lobe of cases with Alzheimer's disease (n = 15); 80.7 +/- 1.7 yr), Pick's disease (n = 3; 65 +/- 1.7 yr), and age-matched controls (n = 18; 74.7 +/- 2.6 yr), demonstrate that Alzheimer's and Pick's disease are primary degenerative brain diseases. The activities of glycolytic enzymes, ATPases, carbonic… (More)


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@article{MeierRuge1984NeurochemicalEC, title={Neurochemical enzyme changes in Alzheimer's and Pick's disease.}, author={William A. Meier-Ruge and P. Iwangoff and K D Reichlmeier}, journal={Archives of gerontology and geriatrics}, year={1984}, volume={3 2}, pages={161-5} }