Neuroblastoma in adolescents: the Italian experience.

  title={Neuroblastoma in adolescents: the Italian experience.},
  author={Massimo Conte and Stefano Parodi and Bruno de Bernardi and Claudia Milanaccio and Katia Mazzocco and Paola Angelini and Elisabetta Viscardi and Andrea di Cataldo and Roberto Luksch and Riccardo Haupt},
  volume={106 6},
BACKGROUND Neuroblastoma (NB) occurs rarely during adolescence, and information is scarce on its characteristics and clinical course in this age group. METHODS Patients with NB who were included in the Italian Neuroblastoma Registry were considered for the current study. The clinical characteristics and survival of adolescents (age at diagnosis between 10 yrs and 18 yrs) were compared with those of children (ages 1-9 yrs). Infants (age < 1 yr) were excluded because of their well known… CONTINUE READING