Neurobiology of the Sleep-Wake Cycle: Sleep Architecture, Circadian Regulation, and Regulatory Feedback

  title={Neurobiology of the Sleep-Wake Cycle: Sleep Architecture, Circadian Regulation, and Regulatory Feedback},
  author={P. Fuller and J. Gooley and C. Saper},
  journal={Journal of Biological Rhythms},
  pages={482 - 493}
  • P. Fuller, J. Gooley, C. Saper
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Journal of Biological Rhythms
  • This mini-review article presents the remarkable progress that has been made in the past decade in our understanding of the neural circuitry underlying the regulation of sleep-wake states and circadian control of behaviors. Following a brief introduction to sleep architecture and physiology, the authors describe the neural circuitry and neurotransmitters that regulate sleep and cortical arousal (i.e., wakefulness). They next examine how sleep and wakefulness are regulated by mutual inhibition… CONTINUE READING

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