Neurobehavioral phenotype of Klinefelter syndrome.

  title={Neurobehavioral phenotype of Klinefelter syndrome.},
  author={Daniel H. Geschwind and Kyle Brauer Boone and Bernadette L Miller and Ronald S. Swerdloff},
  journal={Mental retardation and developmental disabilities research reviews},
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A defined genetic syndrome with neurobehavioral components offers an unusual paradigm for the correlation of genetic defects with neurodevelopmental abnormalities. The power of the combination of detailed behavioral, neuroanatomical, and genetic studies has been demonstrated in studies of other conditions involving the sex chromosomes, such as Fragile X syndrome (Mazzocco [2000] Ment Retard Develop Disabil Res Rev. 6:96-106) and Turner syndrome (Ross [2000] Ment Retard Develop Disabil Res Rev… CONTINUE READING