Neuro-ophthalmological study of late yaws and pinta. II. The Caracas project.

  title={Neuro-ophthalmological study of late yaws and pinta. II. The Caracas project.},
  author={James L. Smith and Noble J David and S N Indgin and C W Israel and B M Levine and Johnny Justice and J A McCrary and Rosana Medina and Pedro C Paez and E T Santana and Manju Sarkar and Norman J. Schatz and M L Spitzer and Walter O. Spitzer and Emmanuel Walter},
  journal={The British journal of venereal diseases},
  volume={47 4},
There are three major forms of treponemal disease in man: syphilis, due to Treponema pallidum; yaws, due to Treponema pertenue; and pinta, due to Treponema carateum. The spirochaetes that cause these diseases are morphologically indistinguishable. Furthermore, the diseases cannot be differentiated by any definite histopathological, serological, immunological, or therapeutic methods. The only two known ways of differentiating these treponematoses are (1) clinical criteria and (2) experimental… CONTINUE READING