Neurite Outgrowth on a DNA Crosslinked Hydrogel with Tunable Stiffnesses

  title={Neurite Outgrowth on a DNA Crosslinked Hydrogel with Tunable Stiffnesses},
  author={Frank Xue Jiang and Bernard Yurke and Bonnie L Firestein and Noshir A. Langrana},
  journal={Annals of Biomedical Engineering},
Mechanical cues arising from extracellular matrices greatly affect cellular properties, and hence, are of significance in designing biomaterials. In this study, a DNA crosslinked hydrogel was employed to examine cellular responses of spinal cord neurons to substrate compliances. Using DNA as crosslinkers in polymeric hydrogel formation has given rise to a new class of hydrogels with a number of attractive properties (e.g., reversible gelation and controlled crosslinking). Here, it was… CONTINUE READING
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