Neuregulin stimulates myogenic differentiation in an autocrine manner.

  title={Neuregulin stimulates myogenic differentiation in an autocrine manner.},
  author={D. W. Kim and Sung-Gil Chi and Ki Hoon Lee and Sangmyung Rhee and Yunhee Kim Kwon and Chin Ha Chung and Hakju Kwon and Mi Sun Kang},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={274 22},
During myogenesis, mononucleated myoblasts form multinucleated myotubes by membrane fusion. Efficiency of this intercellular process can be maximized by a simultaneous progress, with a time window, of other neighboring myoblasts in the differentiation program. This phenomenon has been described as the community effect. It proposes the existence of a molecule that acts as a differentiation-inducing signal to a group of identical cells. Here, we show that neuregulin is a strong candidate for this… CONTINUE READING
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