Neural stator flux estimator with dynamical signal preprocessing

  title={Neural stator flux estimator with dynamical signal preprocessing},
  author={L. M. Grzesiak and Bartlomiej Ufnalski},
  journal={2004 IEEE Africon. 7th Africon Conference in Africa (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37590)},
  pages={1137-1142 Vol.2}
This work presents a novel method of stator flux estimation for induction motor, using artificial neural networks. Proposed estimation scheme can be employed in any vector controlled drive, e.g. DTC (direct torque control) or SFOC (stator field oriented control) drive. It does not exploit pure integration, therefore there is no problem with drift and initial conditions. Moreover, it does not require any stator resistance adaptation algorithm. A multilayer perceptron is trained off-line to… CONTINUE READING