Neural roles of immunophilins and their ligands

  title={Neural roles of immunophilins and their ligands},
  author={David M. Sabatini and Michael M C Lai and Solomon H Snyder},
  journal={Molecular Neurobiology},
The immunophilins are a family of proteins that are receptors for immunosuppressant drugs, such as cyclosporin A, FK506, and rapamycin. The occur in two classes, the FK506-binding proteins (FKBPs), which bind FK506 and rapamycin, and the cyclophilins, which bind cyclosporin A. Immunosuppressant actions of cyclosporin A and FK506 derive from the drug-immunophilin complex binding to and inhibiting the phosphatase calcineurin. Rapamycin binds to FKBP and the complex binds toRapamycinAnd FKBP… CONTINUE READING


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