Neural progenitor potential in cultured Müller glia: effects of passaging and exogenous growth factor exposure.

  title={Neural progenitor potential in cultured M{\"u}ller glia: effects of passaging and exogenous growth factor exposure.},
  author={Philip E. B. Nickerson and Nicolas Da Silva and Tanya Myers and K. G. Stevens and David B. Clarke},
  journal={Brain research},
The Müller radial glial cell is the principal support cell of the adult mammalian retina. Recent reports suggest that these cells retain the capacity to proliferate, express phenotypes reminiscent of retinal progenitor cells (RPC) and generate neuron-like progeny. We isolated rodent Müller cells and generated cultures that could be passaged under conditions used in neural stem/progenitor cell colonies. We demonstrate that during the early period of primary culture, Müller glia proliferate into… CONTINUE READING