Neural processes underlying conscious perception: Experimental findings and a global neuronal workspace framework

  title={Neural processes underlying conscious perception: Experimental findings and a global neuronal workspace framework},
  author={C. Sergent and S. Dehaene},
  journal={Journal of Physiology-Paris},
  • C. Sergent, S. Dehaene
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Physiology-Paris
  • One striking property of perception is that it can be achieved in two seemingly different ways: either consciously or non-consciously. What distinguishes these two types of processing at the neural level? So far, empirical findings suggest that conscious perception is associated with an increase in activity at the sensory level, the specific involvement of a fronto-parietal network and an increase in long-distance functional connectivity and synchrony within a broad network of areas. We… CONTINUE READING
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