Neural distribution of vasotocin receptor mRNA in two species of songbird.

  title={Neural distribution of vasotocin receptor mRNA in two species of songbird.},
  author={Cary H Leung and Demesew F Abebe and Sarah E. Earp and Christopher T. Goode and Anna V Grozhik and Prathyusha Mididoddi and Donna L. Maney},
  volume={152 12},
The neurohypophyseal hormones vasopressin and oxytocin are produced and released within the mammalian brain, where they act via multiple receptor subtypes. The neural distributions of these receptors, for example, V1a and oxytocin receptors, have been well described in many mammals. In birds, the distribution of binding sites for the homologous neuropeptides, vasotocin (VT) and mesotocin, has been studied in several species by using synthetic radioligands designed to bind to mammalian receptors… CONTINUE READING
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