Neural correlates of nonmonotonic temporal acuity for voice onset time.

  title={Neural correlates of nonmonotonic temporal acuity for voice onset time.},
  author={Donal G Sinex and Lachlan P A McDonald and Judith Mott},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={90 5},
Human and chinchilla listeners exhibit nonmonotonic temporal acuity for speech sounds differing in voice onset time (VOT). Characteristics of the neural discharge pattern or of the stimuli themselves that might account for the pattern of temporal acuity have not been described. Responses of chinchilla auditory-nerve fibers to syllables from an alveolar VOT continuum were measured. Peak discharge rates and peak response latencies elicited by the syllables with the shortest and longest VOTs were… CONTINUE READING

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