Neural correlates of disbalanced motor control in major depression.

  title={Neural correlates of disbalanced motor control in major depression.},
  author={Sebastian Walther and Oliver H{\"o}fle and Andrea Federspiel and Helge Horn and Simone H{\"u}gli and Roland Wiest and Werner Konrad Strik and Thomas J{\"o}rg M{\"u}ller},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={136 1-2},
BACKGROUND Motor retardation is a common symptom of major depressive disorder (MDD). Despite the existence of various assessment methods, little is known on the pathobiology of motor retardation. We aimed to elucidate aspects of motor control investigating the association of objective motor activity and resting state cerebral blood flow (CBF). METHODS Nineteen control subjects and 20 MDD patients were investigated using arterial spin labeling (ASL) at 3T in the morning to quantify resting… CONTINUE READING
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