Neural circuitry underlying sentence-level linguistic prosody.

  title={Neural circuitry underlying sentence-level linguistic prosody.},
  author={Yunxia Tong and Jackson T. Gandour and Thomas M. Talavage and Donald S. F. Wong and Mario Dzemidzic and Yisheng Xu and Xiaojian Li and Mark Lowe},
  volume={28 2},
This study investigates the neural substrates underlying the perception of two sentence-level prosodic phenomena in Mandarin Chinese: contrastive stress (initial vs. final emphasis position) and intonation (declarative vs. interrogative modality). In an fMRI experiment, Chinese and English listeners were asked to selectively attend to either stress or intonation in paired 3-word sentences, and make speeded-response discrimination judgments. Between-group comparisons revealed that the Chinese… CONTINUE READING