Neural Underpinnings of Temporal Processing: Α Review of Focal Lesion, Pharmacological, and Functional Imaging Research

  title={Neural Underpinnings of Temporal Processing: Α Review of Focal Lesion, Pharmacological, and Functional Imaging Research},
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  • D. Harrington, K. Haaland
  • Published 1999
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Reviews in the Neurosciences
  • The mechanisms by which the brain times events and stores them in memory for later use is increasingly of interest to neuroscientists. There are a variety of neurological disorders in which skilled behaviors are not coordinated and appear less than fluent, which may suggest a disorder in temporal processing. In this review, two influential models are described which suggest timing deficits may be due to impairments in a timekeeping mechanism or various nontemporal processes such as motor… CONTINUE READING
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