Neural Network Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Organic Solar Panel Performance in Algerian Sahara

  title={Neural Network Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Organic Solar Panel Performance in Algerian Sahara},
  author={Touhami Ghaitaoui and Ali Benatiallah and Hamid Khachab and Youcef Sahli and Khaled Koussa},
  journal={European Journal of Electrical Engineering},
Received: 18 January 2019 Accepted: 9 March 2019 In this paper, the characterization and modeling results of the electrical parameters of the tendem organic photovoltaic cells (infinityPV) are presented. The electrical performances of this organic cell’s module (I-V and P-V) are characterized and analyzed in the weather condition of southwest Algeria (Adrar site). A program in MATLAB language is developed locally for modeling the organic cell, using artificial intelligence. The multilayer feed… Expand

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