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Neural Network Design in Cloud Computing

  title={Neural Network Design in Cloud Computing},
  author={B. Rajkumar and T. Gopikiran and S. Satyanarayana},
It is proposed to have a study on the diagnosis of cancer using neural network approach. Artificial Neural Network is a branch of Artificial intelligence, has been accepted as a new technology in computer science. Neural Networks are currently a hot research area in medicine. It has a huge application in many areas such as education, business, medical, engineering and manufacturing. Neural Network plays an important role in a decision support system. In this paper, an attempt has been made to… Expand
The use of neural networks in diagnosis of cancer has been described with special reference to breast cancer detection using a cloud computing model and how the utilization of neural network structures improves the medication and diagnoses of cancer in early stages. Expand
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Eczema Disease Detection and Recognition in Cloud Computing
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Neural computation in medicine
  • J. Reggia
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Artif. Intell. Medicine
  • 1993
The nature of a neural model is explained and work in neural computation involving problems in medical informatics and modelling of psychiatric and neurological phenomena is reviewed. Expand
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Cloud Computing Cum Neural Networks in Diagnising CANCER
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