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Neural Network-Based Modeling of PEM fuel cell and C ontroller Synthesis of a stand-alone system for residential application

  title={Neural Network-Based Modeling of PEM fuel cell and C ontroller Synthesis of a stand-alone system for residential application},
  author={Khaled Mammar and Abdelkader Chaker},
The paper is focused especially on presenting possibilities of applying artificial neural networks at creating the optimal model PEM fuel cell. Various ANN approaches have been tested; the back-propagation feed-forward networks show satisfactory performance with regard to cell voltage prediction. The model is then used in a power system for residential application. This models include an ANN fuel cell stack model, reformer model and DC/AC inverter model. Furthermore a neural network (NNTC) and… 

Modeling and performance analysis of neural network based fuel cell driven electric traction system

  • S. SreemathyM. Karthik
  • Engineering
    2015 International Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems (ICIIECS)
  • 2015
The paper is focused on design, modeling and simulation of the Neural Network (NN) based Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell driven electric vehicle system that incorporates the modeling of neural network based fuel cell, DC-DC converter and vehicle dynamics.


Analysis and performance of electric vehicle fed with fuel cell requires a modelling of fuel cell. This modeling of fuel cell with driving pattern is not easy to achieve. This paper deals with neural

A Baseline Framework Model for an Emission-free Fuel Cell Vehicle System employing Highway and Federal Driving Procedure

In this paper the performance of Neural Network (NN) based fuel cell powered electric vehicle model is analyzed for three different modified drive cycle patterns such as MHWY, M-US06 and M-FTP based

Comparative Study of Recurrent and Non Recurrent Neural Network Based Approach for Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell Powered Electric Vehicle

In this paper, a non recurrent Focused Time Delay Neural Network (FTDN) and a recurrent nonlinear autoregressive network with exogenous inputs (NARX) Neural Network are employed as a black box

An Adaptive Digital Neural Network-Like-PID Control Law Design for Fuel Cell System Based on FPGA Technique

The performance enhancement of the proposed an adaptive intelligent FPGA-PID-NN controller in terms of error voltage reduction and generating optimal value of the hydrogen partial pressure action (PH2) without oscillation in the output and no saturation state when these results are compared with other controllers are illustrated.

Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Power Sharing Control Strategy Based Fuel Cell/Battery Assisted Hybrid Electric Vehicle System

A dynamic modeling of Fuel cell/Battery assisted hybrid electric vehicle system is presented in this article and two suitable power sharing control strategies are integrated into the system with the

Development and Simulation of a PEM Fuel Cell model for Prediction of Water Content and Power Generation

The proton exchange membrane (PEMFC) fuel cell represents the energy of the future, in parallel with hydrogen. However, this technology must meet many technical challenges related to performance and




This paper presents a dynamic model of a fuel cell system for residential power generation. The models proposed include a fuel cell stack model, reformer model and DC/AC inverter model. Furthermore a

Analysis of active and reactive power control of a stand-alone PEM fuel cell power plant

This paper presents analytical details of how active and reactive power output of a stand-alone proton-exchange-membrane (PEM) fuel cell power plant (FCPP) is controlled. This analysis is based on an

An electrochemical-based fuel-cell model suitable for electrical engineering automation approach

A dynamic electrochemical model is presented for representation, simulation, and evaluation of performance of small size generation systems emphasizing particularly proton exchange membrane fuel-cell (PEMFC) stacks to guarantee a better analytical performance with respect to former ones with a consequent reduction in time and costs of projects using FCs as the primary source of energy.

Matlab / simulink based-study on PEM fuel cell and battery hybrid system

  • J. JiaYouyi WangDibo Lian
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
    2008 10th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision
  • 2008
A dynamical control of fuel cell and battery hybrid system to supply a suddenly changing load and a DC/DC converter is presented to maintain the overall voltage to constant and serve the load properly.

Fuzzy Logic Control of a Fuel Cell/Battery/Ultra-capacitor Hybrid Vehicular Power System

Fuel cell (FC) hybrid electric power systems appear to be very promising in satisfying high energy and high power requirements for vehicular applications. The power and energy management of the

Performance of Networked DC Motor with Fuzzy Logic Controller

The effective results show that the performance of networked control dc motor is improved by using Fuzzy Logic Controller than the other controllers.

A model predicting transient responses of proton exchange membrane fuel cells

Modelling of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells with variable degrees of water flooding