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Neural Differential Equations for Inverse Modeling in Model Combustors

  title={Neural Differential Equations for Inverse Modeling in Model Combustors},
  author={Xingyu Su and Weiqi Ji and Long Zhang and Wantong Wu and Zhuyin Ren and Sili Deng},
  • Xingyu Su, Weiqi Ji, +3 authors Sili Deng
  • Published 2021
  • Physics
Monitoring the dynamics processes in combustors is crucial for safe and efficient operations. However, in practice, only limited data can be obtained due to limitations in the measurable quantities, visualization window, and temporal resolution. This work proposes an approach based on neural differential equations to approximate the unknown quantities from available sparse measurements. The approach tackles the challenges of nonlinearity and the curse of dimensionality in inverse modeling by… Expand

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