Network generation in disaster affected zones for sustainable development


In this paper, we propose an initiative for sustainable development with advanced growing Nanotechnology. We combined the vast scope of Nanomaterial with wireless networks and came up with a unique idea of generating a network zone in areas which are prone to be remote due to natural calamities. Nowadays, it is important for every human to stay connected with the world every second. Expectation to connect to the networks has been multiplied to a great extent for various purposes. One of the high priorities for the society is to provide immediate alternate infrastructure in the affected location to establish connection, but it is difficult to move on the road or by other means. The other reason may be the size of infrastructure which creates a problem to move and setup in the affected region. With the use of nanomaterial to reduce the size, we propose a contemporary smart pen cap sized device which can build networks in any short area. This device will be loaded up in a gun and can be fired from a distance of 500 meters. The device is capable of clinging onto any rigid surface and acts as a medium through which the network will be utilized. The device combines the boon of nanomaterial with wireless networks introducing a new practice for sustainable development during the time of catastrophes and provides immediate relief to the members get caught in the disaster locations. This proposed device has a vast scope since the usage of wireless networks is as crucial as survival of humanity and informs to the outer world the presence of the human beings thus securing help from society.

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