Network analysis of the worldwide footballer transfer market

  title={Network analysis of the worldwide footballer transfer market},
  author={Ming-Xia Li and Wei‐Xing Zhou and Harry Eugene Stanley},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
The transfer of football players is an important part in football games. Most studies on the transfer of football players focus on the transfer system and transfer fees but not on the transfer behavior itself. Based on the 470792 transfer records from 1990 to 2016 among 23765 football clubs in 206 countries and regions, we construct a directed footballer transfer network (FTN), where the nodes are the football clubs and the links correspond to the footballer transfers. A systemic analysis is… 
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Anatomizing the Elo transfer network of Weiqi players

The directed and undirected Elo transfer networks are constructed using over 80,000 Weiqi game records from 1941 to 2019 and are unveiled to possess significant communities, which are consistent with each other and can be well interpreted by player’s affiliation, gender, and Elo value.

The formation mechanism of the player transfer network among football clubs

  • Yu Xu
  • Economics
    Soccer & Society
  • 2020
ABSTRACT Clubs compete for talented players to succeed in the global football industry. Drawing on a network analytical framework, this research explores how endogenous and exogenous factors



Statistical properties of the mutual transfer network among global football clubs

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and one of the most interesting events is the transferring of football players among various clubs. Based on 470,792 transfer records among 23,605

Midfielder as the prominent participant in the building attack: A network analysis of national teams in FIFA World Cup 2014

This study aimed to analyze the most prominent players’ positions that contributed to the build of attack in football during FIFA World Cup 2014. The connections among teammates in all matches of the

General network analysis of national soccer teams in FIFA World Cup 2014

It is shown that successful teams have a high level of network density, total links, and clustering coefficient, and large values of connectivity between teammates are associated with better overall team performance.

Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications

This paper presents mathematical representation of social networks in the social and behavioral sciences through the lens of dyadic and triadic interaction models, which provide insights into the structure and dynamics of relationships between actors and groups.

The multiplex structure of interbank networks

A unique database of supervisory reports of Italian banks to the Banca d'Italia is employed that includes all bilateral exposures broken down by maturity and by the secured and unsecured nature of the contract to find that layers have different topological properties and persistence over time.

Temporal motifs reveal homophily, gender-specific patterns, and group talk in call sequences

The existence of temporal homophily, the tendency of similar individuals to participate in communication patterns beyond what would be expected on the basis of their average interaction frequencies, is shown and it is shown that temporal patterns differ between dense and sparse neighborhoods in the network.

The architecture of complex weighted networks.

This work studies the scientific collaboration network and the world-wide air-transportation network, which are representative examples of social and large infrastructure systems, respectively, and defines appropriate metrics combining weighted and topological observables that enable it to characterize the complex statistical properties and heterogeneity of the actual strength of edges and vertices.

Calling patterns in human communication dynamics

It is confirmed that the intercall durations follow a power-law distribution with an exponential cutoff at the population level but found differences when focusing on individual users, which may enable a more detailed analysis of the huge body of data contained in the logs of massive users.

Social network analysis: Methods and applications (Cambridge university press

  • 1994