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Network Security: Attacks, Tools and Techniques

  title={Network Security: Attacks, Tools and Techniques},
  author={Siddharth Ghansela},
Network security is main issue of this generation of computing because many types of attacks are increasing day by day. Establishing a network is not a big issue for network administrators but protecting the entire network is a big issue. There are various methods and tools are available today for destroying the existing network. In this paper we mainly emphasize on the network security also we present some major issues that can affect our 
The main aim of this research is to protect the network from vulnerabilities, threats, attacks configuration weaknesses and security policy weaknesses.
Network Security, A Challenge
Network security is more challenging than ever, as today's corporate networks become increasingly complex.
Software Quality Assurance in Network Security Using Cryptographic Techniques
Certain cryptographic techniques are discussed which have shown far better improvement in the network security with enhanced quality assurance and their possible solutions based on the new cryptosystems.
International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Communication & Convergence
The network security confidentiality vector, network security integrity vector and network security availability vector are described and some major type of attacks in MANET are presented.
A Review on Cryptography Algorithms, Attacks and Encryption Tools
Three basic cryptography algorithms are reviewed and basic tools of encryption for secure messaging, transactions and connectivity are pointed out.
A Survey on Cryptographic Techniques for Network Security
This paper is to compare the most commonly used algorithms for data encryption and investigates the performance analysis of different algorithms under different settings.
A survey on wireless networks attacks
  • S. Surya, G. A. Magrica
  • Computer Science
    2017 2nd International Conference on Computing and Communications Technologies (ICCCT)
  • 2017
A survey on wireless network attacks is put forward that discusses various security methods which helps in protecting against different types of attacks and also the research areas need to be concentrated for further development.
Comparative Analysis of Hash Function and Symmetric Algorithm for Data Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
System security is the imperative part in data security since it is in charge of securing all information went through system and arrange security has turned out to be more critical for exchange of information.
An empirical study on automotive cyber attacks
This study will majorly focus on the Cyber-Security vulnerabilities and threats that are possible in automotive electronics.


An Ontology for Network Security Attacks
This review is based on standard texts, using well-known concepts, categorizations, and methods to construct a framework which is then used to define an extensible ontology for network security attacks.
Design and implementation of integrated security engine for secure networking
A security framework that allows secure networking by mounting integrated security engine to the network nodes like router or switch and describes core functions and algorithms implemented for the functions is introduced.
Hardening Cisco routers
This succinct book departs from other security literature by focusing exclusively on ways to secure Cisco routers, rather than the entire network, and supplies you with all the tools necessary to turn a potential vulnerability into a strength.
Evaluating the security threat of firewall data corruption caused by instruction transient errors
Results from simulating the SAN model indicate that error-caused security vulnerabilities can be a non-negligible source of a security threats to a highly secure system.
Design and implementation of a private and public key crypto processor and its application to a security system
The design and implementation of a crypto processor, a special-purpose microprocessor optimized for the execution of cryptography algorithms, which can be used for various security applications such as storage devices, embedded systems, network routers, security gateways using IPSec and SSL protocol, etc.