Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination

  title={Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination},
  author={Tim Wu},
  journal={Cyberspace Law eJournal},
  • Tim Wu
  • Published 5 June 2003
  • Economics
  • Cyberspace Law eJournal
This paper examines the the concept of network neutrality in telecommunications policy and its relationship to Darwinian theories of innovation. It also considers the record of broadband discrimination practiced by broadband operators in the early 2000s. 
Network Neutrality in the US
  • Yuan Xu, Kaili Kan
  • Economics
    2011 7th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing
  • 2011
The Network Neutrality debate in the US is introduced, followed by a description of the FCC's efforts from the four "Internet freedom" principles in 2004 to three rules in 2010.
Internet Governance and Economics of Network Neutrality
The various definitions of what should be a neutral network, the outcome of all international consultations on the topic, and the arguments of network neutrality proponents and opponents are reviewed.
A Roundtable on the End of Scarcity, Open Architecture, and the Future of Broadband Competition Policy
On May 5, 2009, the Silicon Flatirons Center and the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) brought together leading individuals from the telecommuications industry, academia, and
Net Neutrality: Anatomy of a Controversy
There is no neutrality when it comes to net neutrality. Set up in the trenches between digital infrastructure and new media publics, net neutrality has become one of the defining controversies of
Telecom Déjà Vu: A Model for Sharing in the Broadband Internet
ABSTRACTThere is significant debate over whether there remains a last-mile broadband bottleneck. In this paper, we explore what might be the nature of this bottleneck and review options for regulat...
The Future of the Internet Economy: A Discussion Paper on Critical Issues
Identifies underlying issues and dilemmas that policy makers will face as the Internet economy develops and analyses these in relation to the changing policy context in which the Ministry of Economic
Net Neutrality Implications for Internet Actors in Sweden
A telecom industry is constantly looking for new ways to generate revenues by offering new and innovative services. Segmentation of customers by offering premium services to premium customers is a ...
A Comparison of network neutrality debates between US and South Korea
  • Byungcho Kim
  • Business
    2009 11th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology
  • 2009
Regulators need to understand the existing industry structure to attain the policy goals effectively and explain why issues of highest debates in the US and South Korea are more critical in each country.
Network neutrality: Issues for Australia
Externalities between on-line contents drive telecom operators’ incentives to provide quality open internet through neutral network
The necessity of Net Neutrality (NN) rules to safeguard the open internet should be assessed in light of the history of broadband internet and empirical evidence. Actual or alleged “net neutrality


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