Network Media LOGIC : Some Conceptual Considerations

  title={Network Media LOGIC : Some Conceptual Considerations},
  author={Ulrike Klinger and Jakob Svensson and Axel Bruns and Gunn Sara Enli and Eli Skogerb{\o} and Anders Olof Larsson and Christian Christensen},
Servant of two masters: How social media editors balance between mass media logic and social media logic
Social media editors were initially appointed by media organizations which aimed to extend their reach and to establish their presence in social media. These editors were hired to create content on
Social bureaucracy? The integration of social media into government communication
Abstract Inspired by an institutional logics approach, this article analyzes the barriers to and drivers of the integration of social media in the communication practices in Norwegian ministries.
Populism and social media: how politicians spread a fragmented ideology
ABSTRACT Populism is a relevant but contested concept in political communication research. It has been well-researched in political manifestos and the mass media. The present study focuses on another
Are digital platforms potential drivers of the populist vote? A comparative analysis of France, Germany and Italy
ABSTRACT Populist parties are often argued to be very skilled in using digital media to attract supporters and strengthen linkages with their followers. However, only rarely has research shown this
Populism, Twitter, and COVID-19: Narrative, Fantasies, and Desires
During a global pandemic, the great impact of populist discourse on the construction of social reality is undeniable. This study analyzes the fantasmatic dimension of political discourse from Donald
Switzerland: highly concentrated leading news media in austerity and downsizing mode
Switzerland, a small, landlocked country in the centre of Europe, enjoys a remarkably long and continuous tradition of independence, stability, and political neutrality. In early 2020, the
What are political parties doing on TikTok? The Spanish case
TikTok, already widely used before the pandemic, boomed during the quarantine that locked down large parts of the world, reaching 2 billion downloads and 800 million monthly active users worldwide by
Not so Intimate Instagram: Images of Swedish Political Party Leaders in the 2018 National Election Campaign
The visual components of political communication are closely related to the ongoing personalization of politics. Not only do the media focus their stories on candidates and leaders, but also the pa...
Proximization, prosumption and salience in digital discourse: on the interface of social media communicative dynamics and the spread of populist ideologies
A new theoretical perspective on social media discourse understood as both product and process is presented to shed light on the exploratory potential of Social Media Critical Discourse Studies (SM-CDS) paradigm and identifies various dimensions of proximization within social media.


Media Logic and Political Communication
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