Network DEA: A slacks-based measure approach


Traditional DEA models deal with measurements of relative efficiency of DMUs regarding multiple-inputs vs. multiple-outputs. One of the drawbacks of these models is the neglect of intermediate products or linking activities. After pointing out needs for inclusion of them in DEA models, we propose a slacks-based network DEA model that can deal with intermediate products. Using this model we can evaluate divisional efficiencies along with the overall efficiency of decision making units (DMUs). Keyword: Data envelopment analysis, Network DEA, SBM, divisional efficiency, overall efficiency

DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2008.05.027

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@article{Tone2009NetworkDA, title={Network DEA: A slacks-based measure approach}, author={Kaoru Tone and Miki Tsutsui}, journal={European Journal of Operational Research}, year={2009}, volume={197}, pages={243-252} }