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Network-Constrained Moving Objects Database Based Traffic Flow Statistical Analysis Model

  title={Network-Constrained Moving Objects Database Based Traffic Flow Statistical Analysis Model},
  author={Ding Zhiming and Han Jingyu and Li Man and Yu Bo},
  journal={Journal of Computer Research and Development},
Image Feature Dimension Reduction Based on Improved LLE Algorithm
Experimental results show that this algorithm obtained feature after dimension reduction, and can effectively improve the accuracy of image classification, and less time-consuming, the overall performance is superior to the classical LLE algorithm.
Navigational Information Update Mechanism Based on Moving Objects Databases
  • Li Fangliang, Yang Zhiying
  • Computer Science
    2012 Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation
  • 2012
Based on motion vectors and the characteristics of ship navigation information, an update strategy for the ship navigation moving objects databases is proposed and experiments show that the update mechanism has better performance in low communication cost and high accuracy.
Data Dictionary Design for Travel Time Acquiring System Based on 3GS
This paper not only designed a traditional explaining type data dictionary, but also proposed two kinds of new data dictionaries, the querying type and the controlling type, by analyzing the data requirements of each technical links of the system.
Data Organization Methods for Travel Time Acquisition System Based on 3GS
The article has designed a conceptual model of the system database according to the data requirement analysis, proposed a new hierarchical organization method of data based on the object-oriented theory, and designed a layered logical models of the dynamic information database of thesystem.