Nets, Ropes, Ladders and Trampolines: The Place of Social Protection within Current Debates on Poverty Reduction

  title={Nets, Ropes, Ladders and Trampolines: The Place of Social Protection within Current Debates on Poverty Reduction},
  author={Tim Conway and Andy Norton},
  journal={Wiley-Blackwell: Development Policy Review},
  • T. Conway, A. Norton
  • Published 1 November 2002
  • Economics, Political Science
  • Wiley-Blackwell: Development Policy Review
In recent years, development policy–makers have paid increasing attention to social protection issues. Despite growing consensus around key points, there remains considerable diversity on what exactly social protection means. Individuals and institutions differ on the relative importance of managing vulnerability as opposed to assisting the chronically poor; whether social protection should be based in rights; and whether actions to protect basic welfare can or should also aim to promote… 
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