Nestmate recognition cues in a stingless bee, Trigona fulviventris

  title={Nestmate recognition cues in a stingless bee, Trigona fulviventris},
  author={R. Buchwald and M. Breed},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
  • R. Buchwald, M. Breed
  • Published 2005
  • Biology
  • Animal Behaviour
  • We investigated the use of nestmate recognition cues in a stingless bee, Trigona fulviventris. We first established that T. fulviventris can discriminate nestmates from non-nestmates, then bioassayed putative nestmate recognition cue compounds including fatty acids, alkanes, an alkene, wax esters and floral oils. At least one compound of every type affected nestmate recognition, but sham treatment of controls had no effect on nestmate recognition. Mean latency (time from first contact between… CONTINUE READING
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