Nesting behavior ofHalictus scabiosæ in Switzerland (Hymenoptera, Halictidæ)

  title={Nesting behavior ofHalictus scabios{\ae} in Switzerland (Hymenoptera, Halictid{\ae})},
  author={Suzanne W. T. Batra},
  journal={Insectes Sociaux},
The structure and populations of seven nests ofHalictus scabiosæ were studied in Geneva during July and August, 1964. Cells, containing brood of various ages, were radially arranged along the branching burrows. The one to six females in each nest did not belong to distinct worker and queen castes. This is in contrast to reports of distinct castes in what appears to be the same species from France. Most pollen collectors in the Geneva population were inseminated and some probably laid eggs. Die… CONTINUE READING