Nested (inverse) binomial sums and new iterated integrals for massive Feynman diagrams

  title={Nested (inverse) binomial sums and new iterated integrals for massive Feynman diagrams},
  author={J. Ablinger and J. Bl{\"u}mlein and C. Raab and C. Schneider},
  • J. Ablinger, J. Blümlein, +1 author C. Schneider
  • Published 2014
  • Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Nested sums containing binomial coefficients occur in the computation of massive operator matrix elements. Their associated iterated integrals lead to alphabets including radicals, for which we determined a suitable basis. We discuss algorithms for converting between sum and integral representations, mainly relying on the Mellin transform. To aid the conversion we worked out dedicated rewrite rules, based on which also some general patterns emerging in the process can be obtained. 
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