Nerves and perisinusoidal cells in human liver.

  title={Nerves and perisinusoidal cells in human liver.},
  author={Paulette Bioulac-Sage and M. E. Lafon and Jean Saric and Charles Balabaud},
  journal={Journal of hepatology},
  volume={10 1},
Unmyelinated nerve fibres are visible in the human hepatic lobule. They extend through the Disse space, surrounded by Schwann cell processes, often close to perisinusoidal cell processes. A few bare nerve endings or varicosities are found contiguous to either hepatocytes or perisinusoidal cells. These nerve endings or varicosities contain large and small granular vesicles and small clear vesicles. This heterogeneity probably corresponds to the presence of various neurotransmitters… CONTINUE READING

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