Nerve supply to the accessory soleus muscle.

  title={Nerve supply to the accessory soleus muscle.},
  author={Souei Sekiya and Katsuji Kumaki and Tadasu K. Yamada and Masaharu Horiguchi},
  journal={Acta anatomica},
  volume={149 2},
An accessory soleus muscle was found in the right leg of a cadaver in the dissecting room. This anomalous muscle was situated medially between the distal part of the tibia and the tendo calcaneus. The muscle arose from the anterior aponeurosis of the soleus muscle and was attached with a separate tendon to the calcaneus anteromedial to the tendo calcaneus. The soleus muscle was supplied by two nerves from the tibial nerve. The ramus posterior entered its posterior surface near the proximal… CONTINUE READING