Nerve regeneration in rat composite-tissue allografts.

  title={Nerve regeneration in rat composite-tissue allografts.},
  author={Nobuji Maeda and Naoki Ishiguro and Gen Inoue and Takehito Miura and Kimiya Sugimura},
  journal={Journal of reconstructive microsurgery},
  volume={7 4},
  pages={297-301; discussion 303}
Reinnervation of composite-tissue allografts was examined in a rat hind-limb transplant model under Cyclosporin A (CyA) immunosuppression. Two groups of animals were studied. Group 1 consisted of 10 composite-tissue allografts using inbred Fisher rats (F344) as recipients and inbred Lewis rats (LEW) as donors. Recipient animals received 15 mg/kg/day CyA… CONTINUE READING