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Nepal-India Open Border: Prospects, Problem and Challenges

  title={Nepal-India Open Border: Prospects, Problem and Challenges},
  author={Vidya Bir Singh Kansakar},

Harmonization of socioeconomic policy and institutional set-up for efficient operation on Nepal-India open border small business

Open border extrapolates interlinking and ample opportunities among the countries but that requires a substantial amount of policy learning and readiness of the people for economic transformation. A

Framing of Nepal’s Constitution: How Indian and Nepali National Media Covered the Controversy Surrounding the Ratification of Nepal’s Constitution in 2015

This study investigates the framing of the ratification of the Nepali Constitution and the disagreement it raised in newspaper articles published in two countries, Nepal and India, for six months.

Augmented reality-based border management

The results revealed the effectiveness of using AR for border activities, which can reduce the operating costs and effectively, access the required information for doing different activities in the border field.

Challenges to Diplomatic Efforts in Resolving Nepal-India Border Problems in the Himalayas: A Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA)

The Constitutional Provision on Nepal’s Foreign Policy has emphasized securing Nepal’s international borders. Nepal’s Foreign Policy-2077 also demands Nepal’s border to be kept intact by protecting

Issues in Border Security of Nepal

Cross border is a major threat to the internal and external security of Nepal. To maintain peace and security and neutralize illicit trade, smuggling, and cross-border crimes, the Government of Nepal

Self-reported psychological distress during the COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal: findings from an online survey

A lower respiratory tract infection caused by novel coronavirus termed as Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) was first identified in China and subsequently took the form of pandemic. Studies on disease

World of Walls: The Structure, Roles and Effectiveness of Separation Barriers

We’re going to build a wall.” Borders have been drawn since the beginning of time, but in recent years artificial barriers have become increasingly significant to the political conversation across

Historical Land Covers Change in the Chure-Tarai Landscape in the Last Six Decades: Drivers and Environmental Consequences

This chapter explores the historical processes of land cover change based on the review of past documents as well measuring the change between 1954 and 2015 in the Chure–Tarai area using published



Nepal and India: An Exercise in Open Diplomacy

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Border and territorial disputes

This is a guide to significant disputes worldwide, covering all existing official disputes between governments, as well as situations where unofficial or popular aspirations to territorial change

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