Neovascularization of the Optic Disc in Behçet's Disease

  title={Neovascularization of the Optic Disc in Behçet's Disease},
  author={İlknur Tuğal-Tutkun and Sumru Onal and Rana Altan-Yaycioglu and Nur Kir and Meri Urgancioğlu},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology},
To investigate the mechanisms involved in the development of neovascularization of the optic disc (NVD) in Behçet's disease and to evaluate the effects of medical and laser treatments. This is a retrospective study of 26 consecutive Behçet's patients (38 eyes) with NVD who presented between 1990 and 2004 at our university hospital. Information on age at… CONTINUE READING