Neoplasms in rats and mice fed butylurea and sodium nitrite separately and in combination

  title={Neoplasms in rats and mice fed butylurea and sodium nitrite separately and in combination},
  author={A. S. Krishna Murthy and Jean R. Baker and E. R. Smith and E. A. Zepp},
  journal={International Journal of Cancer},
In projected 485‐day studies, Fischer 344 rats and C57BL/6 mice were fed 0.58% butylurea and 0.50% sodium nitrite mixed in the diet separately or in combination. The number and type of neoplasms were not significantly increased in either species receiving butylurea or sodium nitrite only. Feeding the two chemicals simultaneously induced neoplasms of the lung, Zymbal's gland, forestomach, intestine and hemopoietic tissues in rats, and malignant lymphomas in mice. The increased incidence of… 

INGESTED NITRATE AND NITRITE 235 3 . Studies of Cancer in Experimental Animals

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2.3.1 Nitrate 3.1.2 Rat Oral administration Groups of 15 male and 15 female MRC-derived rats, 8–10 weeks of age, were given 0 or 5 g/L sodium nitrate in the drinking-water for 84 weeks and served as controls in a study of nitrilotriacetic acid.

Chronic toxicity of sodium nitrite in the male F344 rat.

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Tumors in control hamsters, rats, and mice: literature tabulation.

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(1982). Tumors in Control Hamsters, Rats, and Mice: Literature Tabulation. CRC Critical Reviews in Toxicology: Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 49-79.

Ingested nitrate and nitrite and stomach cancer risk: an updated review.

A carcinogenic potency database of the standardized results of animal bioassays

The Carcinogenic Potency Database is presented, which includes results of about 3000 long-term, chronic experiments of 770 test compounds, which provides quantitative information about negative tests and readily permits comparisons of carcinogenic potency and many other aspects of cancer tests.



Nitrosamide formation in vivo: induction of lung adenomas in Swiss mice by concurrent feeding of nitrite and methylurea or ethylurea.

The results indicate that the lung adenomas were induced by methylnitrosOUrea and ethylnitrosourea, Formed by in vivo nitrosation of the corresponding alkylureas.

Tumor induction in rats by feeding heptamethyleneimine and nitrite in water.

The expericment showed that squamous tumors of the lung could be induced by ingestion an amine and sodium nitrite.

Multiple carcinogenic effects of the ethylnitrosourea precursors ethylurea and sodium nitrite in hamsters.

It is demonstrated that, under present experimental conditions, adult hamsters develop a broader spectrum of neoplasms than do prenatally exposed animals to identical precursors.

Intestinal tumors in mice treated with a single injection of N-nitroso-N-butylurea.

N-Nitroso-N-butylurea induced intestinal tumors seen primarily at the junction of the pylorus and duodenum and in the anterior portion of the small intestine and induced tumors of the stomach, hematopoietic system, lung, and liver.

Malignant Tumours of Liver and Lung in Rats fed Aminopyrine or Heptamethyleneimine together with Nitrite

This hypothesis that some human cancer might be caused by nitrosamines formed in the gastrointestinal tract from nitrite in the food and secondary or tertiary amines ingested deliberately or incidentally was supported.

Carcinogenicity of nitrosation products of ephedrine, sarcosine, folic acid, and creatinine.

Carcinogenic activity of several synthetic N-nitroso compounds was evaluated in C57BL/6J X C3HeB/FeJ F1 mice and Diethylnitrosamine, included as a positive control, caused metastasizing liver cell tumors in 23 of 25 animals.

Weitere Versuche zur Tumor-Induktion durch orale Applikation niederer Dosen von N-Methylbenzylamin und Natriumnitrit

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    Zeitschrift für Krebsforschung und Klinische Onkologie
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For 152 days rats were fed a diet containing 0.25% of N-methylbenzylamine and sodium nitrite in concentrations from 0.32% down to 0.01%. Esophageal tumors were observed in all rats of a group when

Spontaneous leukemia in Fischer rats.

A series of 86 inbred female Fischer rats were followed throughout their life-span and 21 cases of a unique mononuclear cell leukemia were discovered, which affords an unusual opportunity for the study of leukemogenesis in this species.