Neonatal thyroxine level and perchlorate in drinking water.

  title={Neonatal thyroxine level and perchlorate in drinking water.},
  author={Zhonggen Li and Feng Xiao Li and Daniel M. Byrd and G M Deyhle and David E. Sesser and Michael R. Skeels and Steven H Lamm},
  journal={Journal of occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={42 2},
Environmental contamination of drinking water has been observed for perchlorate, a chemical able to affect thyroid function. This study examines whether that exposure affected the thyroid function of newborns. Neonatal blood thyroxine (T4) levels for days 1 to 4 of life were compared for newborns from the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, which has perchlorate in its drinking water, and those from the city of Reno, Nevada, which does not (detection limit, 4 micrograms/L [ppb]). This study is based on… CONTINUE READING


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