Neonatal sepsis in Pakistan. Presentation and pathogens.

  title={Neonatal sepsis in Pakistan. Presentation and pathogens.},
  author={Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta and S. H. Mujtaba Naqvi and Tufail Muzaffar and B J Farooqui},
  journal={Acta paediatrica Scandinavica},
  volume={80 6-7},
The case records of all neonates admitted to the neonatal unit at Aga Khan University Hospital (Karachi) in a 30 month period (Nov. 86-April 89) were analysed. Of 60 neonates with confirmed sepsis, 33 (55%) had non-nosocomial infection (NNC) whereas 27 (45%) had nosocomial sepsis (NC). The most common organisms causing early-onset NNC sepsis were Klebsiella species (53%) and Escherichia coli (10%), whereas the organisms causing late-onset NNC sepsis included Salmonella parathypi (21%), Group A… CONTINUE READING


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