Neonatal seizures: treatment practices among term and preterm infants.

  title={Neonatal seizures: treatment practices among term and preterm infants.},
  author={Hannah Cranley Glass and Jessica Kan and Sonia Lomeli Bonifacio and D M Ferriero},
  journal={Pediatric neurology},
  volume={46 2},
Neonatal seizures are common clinical conditions in both term and preterm neonates, yet no clinical management guidelines for direct care exist. We surveyed 193 international neurologists, neonatologists, and specialists in neonatal neurology or neonatal neurocritical care to assess management practices for seizures in preterm and term neonates. We found high reported rates of electroencephalogram and amplitude-integrated electroencephalogram (aEEG) monitoring to detect neonatal seizures… CONTINUE READING

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