Neonatal invariant Valpha24+ NKT lymphocytes are activated memory cells.

  title={Neonatal invariant Valpha24+ NKT lymphocytes are activated memory cells.},
  author={Annalisa D'Andrea and Didier Goux and Claudia de Lalla and Yasuhiko Koezuka and Daniela Montagna and Antonia Moretta and Paolo Dellabona and Giulia Casorati and Sergio Abrignani},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={30 6},
NKT cells are a small subset of T lymphocytes which express an invariant V(alpha24JalphaQ TCR and recognize glycolipids presented by CD1d. In adults, NKT cells have a memory phenotype, frequently associated with oligoclonal expansion, express NK cell markers, and produce TO cytokines upon primary stimulation. Because of these features, NKT cells are regarded as lymphocytes of innate immunity. We investigated NKT cells from cord blood to see how these cells appear in the absence of exogenous… CONTINUE READING

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