Neonatal diabetes mellitus: Insulin pump as an alternative management strategy.

  title={Neonatal diabetes mellitus: Insulin pump as an alternative management strategy.},
  author={Tara Bharucha and Justin Brown and Ciara M McDonnell and Robecca Gebert and Peter McDougall and Fergus J Cameron and George Arthur Werther and Margaret R. Zacharin},
  journal={Journal of paediatrics and child health},
  volume={41 9-10},
Neonatal diabetes mellitus (hyperglycaemia within the first month of life, with an insulin requirement) may be transient or permanent. Management is complex, due to lack of subcutaneous fat and the need for small doses of insulin, and may be complicated by additional medical problems. Three cases are presented, the first of which was treated with conventional insulin therapy. The latter two were successfully treated with subcutaneous insulin pump therapy. We present suggested guidelines for… CONTINUE READING


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Insulin pump therapy in transient neonatal diabetes mellitus

Annals of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism • 2013

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