Neonatal REM sleep is regulated by corticotropin releasing factor.

  title={Neonatal REM sleep is regulated by corticotropin releasing factor.},
  author={Pingfu Feng and Xuedong Liu and Drina Vurbic and Hongkun Fan and Shuchun Wang},
  journal={Behavioural brain research},
  volume={182 1},
Sleep/wake regulation is quite different during the neonatal and adult periods. Although cholinergic neurons have been recognized to be the major source of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep regulation in adulthood, their effect on neonatal REM sleep remains to be discovered. Current evidence suggests that corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) may play a role in REM promotion during the neonatal period. We conducted the following study to test our hypothesis that blocking CRF R1 receptor would… CONTINUE READING