Neon-20 depth-dose relations in water.

  title={Neon-20 depth-dose relations in water.},
  author={J. W. Wilson and Lawrence W. Townsend and Hari B. Bidasaria and Walter Schimmerling and Mannix Wong and Jonathon Howard},
  journal={Health physics},
  volume={46 5},
The dose from heavy ion beams has been calculated using a one-dimensional transport theory and evaluated for 670 MeV/ amu 20Ne beams in water. The result is presented so as to be applicable to arbitrary ions for which the necessary interaction data are known. The present evaluation is based on the Silberberg - Tsao fragmentation parameters augmented with light fragment production from intranuclear cascades, recently calculated nuclear absorption cross sections, and evaluated stopping power data… CONTINUE READING

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