Neolinoptes gen. n., a replacement name for the net-winged beetle genus Linoptes Gorham, 1884 and a new species of Lycomorphon from Guyana (Coleoptera: Lycidae).

  title={Neolinoptes gen. n., a replacement name for the net-winged beetle genus Linoptes Gorham, 1884 and a new species of Lycomorphon from Guyana (Coleoptera: Lycidae).},
  author={Elynton Alves DO Nascimento and Milada Bocakova},
  volume={4216 4},
Neolinoptes gen. n. is erected to replace Linoptes Gorham, 1884, preoccupied by Linoptes Menge, 1854 (Arachnida: Araneae). Consequently, Neolinoptes imbrex (Gorham, 1884) comb. n., N. amazonicus (Pic, 1923) comb. n., N. atronotatus (Pic, 1922) comb. n., N. atripennis (Pic, 1932) comb. n. are proposed. Calocladon rubidum Gorham, 1884 is transferred to Neolinoptes. Lycomorphon iwokrama sp. n. is proposed as new to science and the genus is recorded from Guyana for the first time. Additionally… 
Taxonomic Revision of the South American Genus Lycoplateros (Coleoptera: Lycidae)
Lycoplateros can be differentiated from other Eurrhacini based on its characteristic pronotum and complex male genitalia, characterized by phallus presenting internal sac with a set of complex sclerites and slightly distorted ladle/hood-like phallobase.
A new species of Falsocaenia (Coleoptera: Lycidae) from Brazil
A new species of Lycidae, Falsocaenia santatereza sp. nov. is described and illustrated. This species is a member of a Müllerian mimicry ring from the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, presenting color
Iheringia, Série Zoologia
05 junho 2020 DOI 10.1590/1678-4766e2020009 ABSTRACT. Low zooplankton richness indicating adverse drought and eutrophication conditions in a reservoir in northeastern Brazil. This work characterized


Revision of the Tribe Calopterini (Coleoptera, Lycidae)
The genus group taxa of the tribe Calopterini are revised and neotypes of Lycus (Calopteron) apicale Guérin-Méneville, 1838 and Lycus suturalis Latreille, 1833 as well as a lectotype of Idiopteron biplagiatum (Kirsch, 1884) are designated.
Revision of the genus Falsocaenia (Coleoptera: Lycidae)
The Neotropical genus Falsocaenia Pic, 1922 is revised and lectotype of Falsocenia aurantiacocostata is designated.
A revision of the genus Lycomorphon (Coleoptera: Lycidae)
The Neotropical genus Lycomorphon Pic, 1922 is revised, and six species are classified in the genus, six of them are redescribed, and five species are proposed as new to science.
Phylogeny and Classification of the Family Lycidae (Insecta: Coleoptera)
Lycidae, net winged beetles, have proved difficult to classify using morphological characters, and a revised classification of Lycidae is proposed, where morphological similarities resulting from neoteny are homoplasies and cannot be used for definition of monophyletic lineages.
The discovery of Iberobaeniidae (Coleoptera: Elateroidea): a new family of beetles from Spain, with immatures detected by environmental DNA sequencing
Molecular dating shows that Iberobaeniidae represents an ancient relict lineage originating in the Lower Jurassic, which possibly indicates a long history of neoteny, usually considered to be evolutionarily short-lived.
Phylogeny and classification of the tribe Calopterini (Coleoptera, Lycidae)
An investigation of Calopterini phylogeny is presented, based on 33 characters and 24 supraspecific terminal taxa, representing genera whose monophyly was implicitly assumed, and two new subtribes Eurrhacina and Acroleptina are proposed.
Multiple ancient origins of neoteny in Lycidae (Coleoptera): consequences for ecology and macroevolution
A phylogenetic analysis of Lycidae based on DNA sequences from nuclear (18S and 28S rRNA) and mitochondrial (rrnL, cox1, cob and nad5) genes from a representative set of lineages supported three independent origins of neotenic taxa, contradicting earlier suggestions of recent evolution from dispersive non-neotenics.
A New Genus of Ototretine Firefly Endemic to Indian Subcontinent (Coleoptera: Lampyridae)
A new genus and four new species of Indian endemic beetles belonging to the subfamily Ototretinae (Lampyridae) are described and one species formerly placed in Drilidae, Selasia maindroni Bourgeois, is transferred to the genus Flabellopalpodes.
Lolodorfus, a new genus of net-winged beetles (Coleoptera: Lycidae: Dexorinae) from Cameroon.
A new genus Lolodorfus is proposed within the subfamily Dexorinae and Lolodorfus flavus sp. nov. from Cameroon is described. Illustrations of diagnostic characters are given. The genus Mimolibnetis
Discovery of a new species of the brachyelytrous net-winged beetle genus Alyculus (Coleoptera: Lycidae) from Peninsular Malaysia.
The net-winged beetle genus Alyculus Kasantsev is reported from Peninsular Malaysia for the first time and a new species, A. malaypeninsularis sp. nov., is described and illustrated. An expanded