Neoliberalism in Action

  title={Neoliberalism in Action},
  author={Maurizio Lazzarato},
  journal={Theory, Culture \& Society},
  pages={109 - 133}
  • M. Lazzarato
  • Published 1 November 2009
  • Sociology
  • Theory, Culture & Society
This paper draws from Foucault’s analysis of liberalism and neoliberalism to reconstruct the mechanisms and the means whereby neoliberalism has transformed society into an ‘enterprise society’ based on the market, competition, inequality, and the privilege of the individual. It highlights the role of financialization, neglected by Foucault, as a key apparatus in achieving this transformation. It elaborates the strategies of individualization, insecuritization and depoliticization used as part… Expand
O afastamento entre Indivíduo e Estado na doutrina neoliberal
Neoliberalism mainly revolves around the issue of individual freedom and equal opportunities. However, studies of the real expressions of neoliberal doctrine show a gap between the expected benefitsExpand
The three anthropological approaches to neoliberalism
Over the last fifteen years or so anthropology has been engaged in the study of neoliberalism, with a growing quantity of research into the implementation and consequences of neoliberal policies (cf.Expand
Society, like the market, needs to be constructed
It has been commonplace to equate Foucault’s 1979 series of lectures at the Collège de France with the claim that for neoliberalism, unlike for classical liberalism, the market needs to beExpand
Bourdieu, Foucault and the politics of precarity
ABSTRACT Precarity is widely regarded as a defining condition of advanced capitalist societies. Given its existentially troubling character and a range of movements condemning its socialExpand
The neoliberal conquest of the Supreme Court
Neoliberalism is an anti-democratic ideology. It takes decisions about the allocation of scarce resources out of the hands of public institutions and places them in the hands of private actors.Expand
CSR and the Neoliberal Imagination
This chapter challenges stereotypical depictions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a neoliberal discourse and argues that there is a need for greater awareness of the ‘varieties ofExpand
The Complex Hegemony of Neoliberalism
  • Alex Williams
  • Political Science
  • Political Hegemony and Social Complexity
  • 2019
This chapter uses a theory of complex hegemony to understand how neoliberalism within the United Kingdom was able to survive after the 2007–2008 financial crisis. It first addresses the question ofExpand
Care of the self, resistance and subjectivity under neoliberal governmentalities
Resistance is normally thought of as a collective exercise of public political activity. In this article, Ball and Olmedo approach the question of resistance in a different way, through Foucault'sExpand
Escaping the Fantasy Land of Freedom in Organizations: The Contribution of Hannah Arendt
A new corporate governance perspective based on the rehabilitation of political action in organizations is proposed as the best way to preserve human capacity for singularity, solidarity, and spontaneity. Expand
The Greatly Exaggerated "Death of the Social": Globalization, Neoliberal Governmentality, and the Spatial Translation of Economic Governance.
As globalized competition continues to undermine state capacity for economic regulation, various Foucauldian scholars, studying neoliberal governmentality, have recently lamented the apparent demiseExpand


Le nouvel esprit du capitalisme
Le capitalisme prospere ; la societe se degrade. Le profit croit, comme l'exclusion. La veritable crise n'est pas celle du capitalisme, mais celle de la critique du capitalisme. Trop souvent attacheeExpand
Surveiller et punir: Naissance de la prison
Peut-etre avons-nous honte aujourd'hui de nos prisons. Le XIXe siecle, lui, etait fier des forteresses qu'il construisait aux limites et parfois au cœur des villes. Ces murs, ces verrous, cesExpand
Les noces du risque et de la politique
Les AA. montrent comment l'elargissement du domaine d'application du raisonnement en termes de risque conduit a en faire une categorie politique desormais indispensable a la conduite des societes.Expand
Les métamorphoses de la question sociale [Rencontre avec Robert Castel]
Castel Robert, Zecca Marine. Les metamorphoses de la question sociale [Rencontre avec Robert Castel]. In: Agora debats/jeunesses, 2, 1995. Les jeunes, acteurs du politique. pp. 97-102.
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