Neolemnane-type sesquiterpenoids from a formosan soft coral Paralemnalia thyrsoides.

  title={Neolemnane-type sesquiterpenoids from a formosan soft coral Paralemnalia thyrsoides.},
  author={Ho-Cheng Huang and Chih-Hua Chao and Jui-hsin Su and Chi-Hsin Hsu and S P Chen and Y H Kuo and J H Sheu},
  journal={Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={55 6},
Six new sesquiterpenoids, paralemnolins D-I (1-6), have been isolated from the EtOAc extract of the soft coral Paralemnalia thyrsoides. The structures of these metabolites were determined by extensive spectroscopic analysis and by comparison of their spectral data with those of related metabolites. The absolute stereochemistry of these metabolites was established by application of the Mosher's method on 1 and on the basis of the absolute structures of other related compounds previously isolated… CONTINUE READING