Neokalmusia didymospora (Didymosphaeriaceae), a new species from bamboo

  title={Neokalmusia didymospora (Didymosphaeriaceae), a new species from bamboo},
  author={Dong-Qin Dai and Ali H. Bahkali and Hiran A. Ariyawansa and Wen-Jing Li and D. Jayarama Bhat and Kevin David Hyde},
A new ascomycetous species, Neokalmusia didymospora, inhabiting dead bamboo, is introduced based on morpho-molecular studies. Neokalmusia didymospora is characterized by orange to brown clypeus, immersed, subglobose ascomata, bitunicate, cylindrical asci and 1-septate, brown ascospores. Maximum-likelihood and Bayesian analyses of combined SSU, ITS and LSU gene sequence data show that N. didymospora belongs in Didymosphaeriaceae, Pleosporales. The new species is compared with other… 
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